Last week i teamed up with Darkmatter Collective to help with a mural at Boxpark Shoreditch to help with exposure following the DandAD Newblood events run by shellsuitzombie. It was great to work with Pete and Phil (dogboy) who showed me how they normally collaborate, sketching out the characters and buildings then drawing over eachothers work to create the feel of continuity. Because of a time limit we had to power through the drawing giving it a much looser feel than the tight linework we three seem prone to. overall was a great experiment and cant wait to do more like this. peace

Heres some snaps of my degree show at Plymouth University. I managed to win the Earl Richard’s Award for Narrative this year hence the trophy! (chuffed). Ill be at the D&AD new blood in a few weeks at the Plymouth Uni stand, come say hello if your about 🙂 If your interested in buying some prints send me an email at or go to for comics 🙂 peace

Top image is my Godfather Stanley Bowden who had to abandon ship when the HMS Somali was destroyed by torpedo attack during WW2 in the Arctic ocean, and below is a rendition of a human torpedo, a signature of the Decima Flottiglia Mas, an elite submarine squadron my Italian grandfather was part of in the same era. Both these people are the inspiration for my comic book in progress which follows episodes in both lives.